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Retreats for Businesses & Organizations

Stepping outside the day-to-day demands of running a business or organization is the single most powerful way to challenge daily practices, outperform current results, and to set a business or organization on a course to reaching its full potential.


  • Emily Rogers

Taking time for a retreat demonstrates the importance of a thoughtful and collaborative approach to decision-making and goal setting, provides an atmosphere that fosters relationship building, expands possibilities, and creates a clear direction for agreed upon next steps with reduced risk.

Emily leads and coordinates retreats for businesses and organizations that need to design or update a strategic plan, build and/or support a team, launch a new product or service, or challenge the status quo.

From site selection, to menu planning, agenda setting and strategic facilitation, Emily provides a turn-key solution designed to achieve your desired outcomes.

If you’re interested in planning a custom retreat for your business or organization, please contact Emily.