Mastering Leadership: The Importance of Feedback

Leadership.   It’s a topic that floats around in every organization. From the breakroom to the boardroom, leadership is a word that is frequently used but doesn’t always have concrete meaning, even to those whose very role in the organization is to lead.   As we navigate the ever connected, increasingly complex world that defines how we interact in business and in our communities, the concept of leadership becomes critical not only to define, but to master.   Mastering leadership – leading with excellence — means that we must lead with integrity, make creative and compassionate choices, and create lasting impact for our organization and community.

But how? How do we as leaders find it within ourselves to make the kinds of changes necessary to move forward, to initiate meaningful change, and motivate and encourage our teams to do the same? One of the most thought provoking questions that can be posed to those in leadership positions is — Who are you “being” as a leader?

Most leaders know what they have to do to be successful, to achieve goals as outlined, and move organizations and communities forward, but they struggle with the idea of who they need to be in the process of accomplishing these goals. Recently, I sat down with a group of Lakeland’s leaders to try to shine a light on what it means to lead with excellence and who we are being when we are leading at our highest and best.

Read what Lakeland’s leaders had to say in the February/March issue of Lakelander Business.

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