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Mindful Leadership Workshop Series

Workshop Series Dates: November 4, November 11 and November 18

Time: 12:00-4:00, lunch + 3-hour workshop

Location: Emily’s Studio on the Ranch

Leaders in today’s world must find ways to produce outstanding results in an always-on, round-the-clock work atmosphere where distraction and mental clutter can overwhelm vision and cloud strategic thinking.

Mindful leadership starts with the self and is a powerful tool for anyone in a position to influence others. It invites leaders to explore the possibility of bringing the mind’s entire capacity to each moment.

True mindfulness results in:

  • increased clarity
  • sustained high performance
  • staying focused on what matters
  • improved well-being

Emily Rogers, founder of Emily Rogers Consulting + Coaching, is offering a unique opportunity for leaders interested in tapping into their full potential by incorporating mindfulness techniques. This exclusive, experiential learning workshop series will teach leaders to rely not only on analytical resources and strengths, but to intentionally cultivate and strengthen the mind’s capacity to be fully present.

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Over the course of three 3-hour workshops, you will learn how to improve your decision-making abilities, cope more effectively with stressors, and become more resilient. By limiting the workshop to eight participants, Emily has created an environment that will nurture your curiosity about mindfulness and allow you the space to develop qualities of clarity, focus and compassion in service to others.

Each workshop will include:

  • Lunch that is nutritious, energizing and thoughtfully prepared
  • Guided exploration of mindful leadership topics
  • Opportunities to reflect on key topics, journal and converse with colleagues
  • Exposure to a variety of guided meditation and restorative practices
  • Practical approaches to mindfulness that can be incorporated daily into your life and work
  • Practice assignments to reinforce your learning
  • Supportive emails and reminders between workshops
  • Case studies and reference material

Early Bird Rate: $445, available until September 15

Standard Rate: $495

To register, please contact Emily.