For more than two years, Emily has served as a trusted advisor to me and our executive team. in addition to cultivating an executive team that exemplifies our mission and executes on our company efforts, she has prepared our emerging leaders to successfully transition into new roles.

Our dynamic and rapidly growing company has benefitted from Emily’s executive coaching, team development, and guidance on creating a healthy organizational culture. Our executive team is more aligned, our leaders are better prepared to successfully navigate change, and our strong company culture is fueling our ability to achieve aggressive growth targets.

Brian Philpot, JD, President/CEO & Principal Owner, AgAmerica Lending  

       For the past 18 months, the Bank of Central Florida leadership team has benefitted from Emily’s executive coaching, training and meeting facilitation. We now share a common framework for what it means to lead with excellence, which has sharpened our competitive edge. Progress toward achieving the bank’s desired outcomes has been accelerated and we are exceeding our KPI targets.

Through this engagement, our culture has become more unified, our decision-making abilities are stronger than ever, and the core values that define and differentiate our company are being fully expressed by our leadership team. When faced with challenges, we are communicating more effectively and are more comfortable engaging in productive conflict making it easier to deal with unexpected issues.

Paul Noris, Chairman, CEO & President, Bank of Central Florida  Bank of Central Florida

       The greatest value our team has received from Emily’s coaching and facilitation is a more comprehensive understanding of each persons’ innate personalities, traits and abilities to lead with excellence.

As a team, this was crucial to our development and understanding of ourselves before we onboarded new team members and as our leadership team grew into more complex and demanding roles. It’s been impactful to see our team members shift into their new leadership roles with a renewed sense of confidence and understanding of how to lead with greater capacity and effectiveness.  We’ve seen immense growth in our team within the past 6 months.

Steve Scruggs, President, LEDC   

       Emily’s ability to lovingly hold up the mirror and
give her clients the opportunity to play their bigger game,
while giving them the tools & support they need in order to
deal with their obstacles head-on is truly a gift.

The exercises and conversations Emily facilitated during our team retreat re-invigorated everyone with a renewed sense energy and collaborative spirit. Our team walked away with a lot of new tools and fresh perspectives to build on our strengths and work on being more productive together. The safe, trusting environment that Emily created lead to important conversations about how our team members can best support each other and develop systems that create a more sustainable organization. Our motto from the day, “in it to win it”, lives on our office project board.

Chrissanne Long, Founder Lakeland Business Leaders & CEO, Maximize Digital Media 

       Working with Emily has led me to greater work-life balance and helped me make more time for the things I truly enjoy.

Emily coached me in techniques to express myself in ways that better represent my role as an executive leader in my organization. Incorporating meditation into my daily routine has added to my well-being and enhanced my sense of contentment and peace. My clients have noticed a difference in me and I’m thrilled with the changes in myself! What a wonderful testament to the results of my work with Emily.

Kathryn Koch, Principle, Lanier Upshaw, Inc.  

       The greatest value I received from the Leadership Circle Profile 360° and Emily’s coaching is a greater understanding of the key behaviors that lead to high-achievement and effective leadership as well as the inner assumptions that limit effectiveness,
authentic expression, and empowering leadership.

I’m not the kind of person that often stops to evaluate the “why” of me. While I have a deep desire to better myself, my MO is to keep moving forward. Stopping seems like a waste of time. This Leadership Circle Profile 360° assessment forced me to stop and think and to assess if I’m effectively leading and to really understand where (and why) I am operating out of the various dimensions and styles on the circle. The Leadership Circle Profile 360 is invaluable for continued leadership growth.

Meg Belamy, Former Executive Director, Catapult   

       The retreat space Emily has created at Crooked Lake is a gift of nature and also a gift of people brimming with creativity, generosity, and depth of spirit.

My second retreat weekend in this sacred place was even more wonderful than the first. Emily and her team take very good care of their guests in every way. I left feeling restored and full of gratitude.

Diane Knoepke, Associate Director of Student Affairs, Northwestern University  

       Participating in Emily’s mindful leadership workshops helped me develop my mindfulness muscle. The complexities of running a
successful business and clutter of everyday life was holding me back from being my best.

Through the experiential and thoughtfully planned workshops I gained skills needed to be more present to my clients needs, purposeful about my business goals, and resilient in times of stress.

Carol Davidson Hornsby, Business Owner and personal trainer

       Emily’s guidance and insight have taught me to be more present and mindful while also being more comfortable with the unknown. As I have considered and acted upon what’s best for my growth, I’m more content and connected to my true purpose. Being coached by Emily is truly a gift!

Diana Smith, Membership & Marketing Manager, Polk Museum of Art  

       Participating in Emily’s workshops, retreats and coaching has created greater clarity around what I most want to accomplish, generated impactful results, and compelled me to make courageous decisions and act upon them.

Courtney Paat, State Farm Agent

       Emily skillfully led our board of directors through a
strategic planning session…

…using a series of thoughtful discussions where participants openly shared ideas, assessed obstacles to success, and identified growth opportunities. Emily’s understanding of our unique situation created an atmosphere where everyone was highly engaged in the process, energized by the ideas generated, and ultimately left the meeting with a higher level of commitment to our organization. Emily gave us the tools to develop a clear, attainable, and measurable plan that will launch Florida Festivals & Events Association into a new era of growth and success.

Suzanne Neve, Executive Director, Florida Festivals & Events Association  

       Reflecting on our retreat weekend together, I continue to marvel at the clarity I feel after experiencing what I like to call the “Crooked Lake Magic”.

I cannot pin this clarity on any one part of the retreat but the cumulative effect it had on me was like a tonic for the soul. Thank you for your hospitality and for your soothing work. I so enjoyed simply “being” with all of you.

Ursula Radabaugh, Interior Designer

       Our team’s growth has been guided by Emily’s wealth of
real-world business development experience and insights.

Through a series of engaging trainings and collaborative coaching sessions, our team has gained valuable skills, concepts and recommendations for successfully generating incremental revenue and impact for our organization. Specifically, our team is more empowered and focused, is collaborating and communicating better, and making use of valuable new processes and resources. Emily has been essential to our ongoing growth and success.

Rob Clancy, Former Director, Polk State Corporate College 

       After I decided to start working with Emily the phrase
‘I was lost, now I’m found’ seems hyperbolic
and a histrionic overstatement, but it truly is how I feel.

I came to Emily confused about my current path and future paths. Several coaching sessions, a few reference materials, and a couple of books later my path is clear and my future is bright. Since I started coaching with Emily, I have planned and executed moves that have helped me work toward securing my own future and I even started a business that I didn’t know I wanted. She is helping me stay focused and dial down all the additional noise that a busy life can bring. I am more productive at work and I just seem to keep making all the right moves. Working with Emily is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Alan Rolette, Freelance Photographer and Owner of RiverHorse Photography

       Emily’s commitment to excellence inspires leaders and teams to achieve their highest potential.

Her ability to authentically connect with individuals and groups at every level of our organization has resulted in a more trusting, compassionate and productive approach to communication and conflict resolution. Together we are building stronger alliances and finding better solutions.

Sabrina Permuth, Former Director of Human Resources, Florida State Fair Authority 

       Emily’s strategic advice and ongoing counsel have been vital – particularly as we’ve been transitioning into a new approach to partnering with corporate partners.

For a second year, we’ve exceeded our business development goals. By working smarter, achieving our key performance metrics and designing more purposeful partnerships, we’re on a path to realize our full revenue potential.

Terri Parnell Longphee, Director of Sales & Marketing, Florida State Fair Authority 

       Coaching with Emily has been a transformative process.

She’s taught me how to be more accountable to myself, reconnected to me to my core values and put me on a path towards living a more balanced, well-rounded and healthy life. I have discovered a vision, mission, and purpose for my life. Through coaching, I’ve become a much stronger person emotionally and spiritually. I’ve been able to redefine what success means to me and become more open to new opportunities that I would have never considered. Emily has helped me define what I want in a new career and helped me draw boundaries that if crossed, would compromise my new found balance and contentment with life. I feel very fortunate and have immense gratitude to Emily for being an integral part of my journey at this important life stage.

Barbara Emener Karasek, Senior Marketing Executive

       What an incredible wellness retreat weekend!

I returned home feeling relaxed, focused and in touch with my thoughts and feelings. The weekend provided time to think, reflect and appreciate the incredible setting of Crooked Lake. Emily, I appreciated your thoughtful planning and gracious hospitality. The company of the other woman attending added greatly to the richness of the entire retreat experience. Thank you! I cannot wait to return.

Peggy Gordon

       Attending Emily’s retreat last fall was exactly what I
needed to recharge.

My weekend was everything a retreat should be – stimulating conversation with amazing women, nutritious and energizing meals, relaxing massage, invigorating yoga, breathtaking views of the sunset and even a boat ride! I especially enjoyed the cooking class and look forward to using the recipes we received at home. My overall experience combined with the convenient location and reasonable all-inclusive pricing makes Emily’s retreat a must for every woman. I am grateful to Emily and her family for their hospitality and I am looking forward to the next retreat!

Lana Tatom, Elementary School Principal, Author, and Yoga Teacher

       I had the pleasure of meeting Emily at a conference recently and heard her facilitate an experiential learning session on the topic of Mindful Leadership.

I was mightily impressed! Following the session, I read that a huge percentage of highly successful leaders are coached at some point in their lives. If you have a chance to hear Emily present on mindfulness or have the opportunity talk with her about the benefits of coaching, it will be time well spent.

Betty Miller

       Emily has helped me articulate my vision, my aspirations, and my values in ways that are quite empowering.

She listens carefully as I set out a strategy and affirms or gently helps me adjust by clearly offering ways to strengthen a path forward. She is a trusted and wise sounding board and offers objectivity and professionalism in her responses to nuanced and complex issues. Emily’s guidance has been invaluable to me as a leader and as an individual dedicated to growth.

Nonprofit Executive Director