Mindful Leadership

Starting January, 2025

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Want to strengthen your leadership presence, become more resilient, and grow your capacity to lead with intention?

This six-week professional development program is designed for women who care deeply about purposeful growth, becoming their best self and leading authentically.

More immersive and less instructional, each 75-minute, live virtual workshop will offer a calm space to become more self-aware, gain clarity and explore new perspectives. Emily will share rich insight, facilitate a variety of mindful and restorative practices, provide quiet time to reflect and journal and encourage meaningful conversation with colleagues.

Over the past 3 years, participants have reported overall program satisfaction levels of 4.8 out of 5. They describe the program as extremely relevant to their roles and increased their level understanding of mindful leadership by nearly 80%.

Executive coach Emily Rogers at a desk.
When asked about the new behaviors they have put into action as a result of participating in Emily’s Mindful Leadership Program here’s what participants said:

“This was my first Emily Rogers workshop and it was an amazing experience. It was great information presented from a place of passion and that’s why it was more engaging. The reflection activities were different than anything I’d ever done, and they were very impactful. I utilized the additional reading material that complemented the information shared in each workshop. I’d be more than willing to attend another class in the future.”

“The reflective exercises Emily facilitated shifted my focus from the stress of my long to-do list to being present with my team and actively listening in conversations throughout my day. I am less distracted and more focused on really hearing what my team members are saying both verbally and non-verbally.”

“Learning about emotional agility, made me aware of the emotional wake I was creating for my team when I was feeling frustrated or stressed. Recognizing the emotions I am feeling, when I’m feeling them has made me aware of my facial expressions and body language and actually reduced my stress.”

“I have better aligned my day-to-day decisions and behaviors with my purpose.”

“I’ve developed my emotional intelligence making me more in tune to the individual strengths and opportunities of each of my team members.”

“The periods of space I have intentionally incorporated into my daily schedule have reduced my stress by allowing me to reset and gain focus throughout my day that is often packed with back-to-back meetings. Regaining focus throughout the day  has been powerful leadership tool.”

“Aligning my professional goals to be more in sync with my purpose has brought me more happiness and fulfillment.”

“I tend to work long, late days and scheduling 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the afternoon each day to reset and meditate clears my mind and re-energizes me.”

“I am more present, worrying less about mistakes I may have made yesterday and what might happen next week. This has reduced my stress and given me clarity at work and at home.”

Six Week Series:

Six live virtual workshops will occur, Wednesdays 11:45-1:00 ET. If you are unable to attend a workshop, a recording will be available.

  • 2025 dates will be announced in June

Expected outcomes:

  • Strengthen your leadership presence
  • Become more emotionally intelligent
  • Grow your capacity to lead with purpose
  • Lead with courage and authenticity
  • Develop resilience to handle inevitable stressors
  • Cultivate enduring connections with like-minded women leaders

Fee: $595.00

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Chart showing 85% of leaders use executive coaching.
Executive coach Emily Rogers talking to a client.

Each Live Virtual Workshop Includes:

  • “Live” facilitation to allow for real-time interaction with Emily and your peers
  • Strategies and tools that you can immediately deploy to solve your most pressing challenges
  • An intimate setting with limited participation to provide a rich and personal learning environment
  • A short introduction to a topic
  • An opportunity to practice mindfulness
  • Quiet time to reflect and journal
  • Small group discussion
  • A handout with guiding principles
  • How to apply what you’re learning, in your setting
  • A closing activity
  • Supplementary resources

Emily’s virtual workshops have been described as “a calm space and refuge”… “extremely well done and facilitated”… “a collaborative virtual space”.

Starting January 10th, 2024

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Change can be difficult and people often resist it. If your team is not prepared for change, keeping up with the pace of change, and willing to embrace change, your organization risks becoming irrelevant. This guide is intended to provide a framework for intentionally talking about the change you want to create, ensure the roles that are vital to the change process are clearly understood, and to define the conditions necessary for creating intelligent change. 

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Free Guide: The Five Qualities of a Mindful Leader

Through mindfulness we expand our capacity to live and lead in ways that create positive impact  – for ourselves, the people we lead, and our organizations. This guide invites you to cultivate your inner qualities which generates positive, outward impact.


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