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About Executive Coaching

Coaching provides an invaluable space for professional and personal development. Our executive coaching will grow your capacity to lead with excellence and achieve measurable results – for you, your team, and your organization.

Executive coaching is a co-active process that will support you and challenge you to accelerate your professional development, cultivate emotional intelligence, and unlock your full potential.

Through one-on-one confidential coaching sessions and insightful assessments, executive coaching will provide you with a clear understanding of the behaviors that lead to high performance and uncover the internal perceptions and beliefs that may be limiting your potential and derailing the teams you lead.

Learn more about working with an executive coach and how coaching accelerates leadership development.

Executive coach Emily Rogers at a desk.
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Helene Sanford, Chief Human Resources Officer, Saddle Creek Logistics Services:

“Since 2016, we have partnered with Emily on our leadership succession planning priorities. She has thoughtfully assessed the capacity of nearly 20 senior leaders and advised our CEO and HR team on our leaders’ readiness for advancement. Most recently, she coached seven of our emerging executives as they are taking broader responsibility for enterprise-wide impact and preparing to rise within our organization. Through Emily’s skillful coaching, our leaders are more self-aware, confident, decisive, influential and impactful.”

Why Executive Coaching

Half of CEOs report developing the next generation of leaders as a top concern (DDI 2023). This is why more than 85% of major companies are addressing this concern by making coaching a core part of their executive and professional development programs.

Coaching is regarded as one of the most effective means of executive development because it provides focused, one-on-one attention in areas the executive most needs to develop.

A study published in Fortune magazine found that Fortune 100 companies utilizing coaching saw a 53% increase in productivity, a 32% increase in the retention of senior personnel, a 23% reduction in costs, and a 22% increase in bottom line profitability.

Leaders at all levels of the organization are facing higher demands and expectations from front-line managers to the C-suite. CEOs and HR executives recognize leadership development and support to be crucial in developing effective leaders throughout the organization.

Cultivating leaders who create environments where individuals thrive and teams work collectively toward a shared vision is a competitive advantage for organizations wanting to succeed in today’s increasingly complex environment.

Chart showing 85% of leaders use executive coaching.

Ready to start a conversation?

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What You Can Expect

  • Increased self-confidence and improved work performance
  • More effective communication skills and stronger relationships
  • Accelerated development from one-on-one work focused on individual needs
  • Improved ability for leaders to provide productive feedback and coaching to direct reports
  • Reduced blind spots that have the potential to derail progress
  • Greater emotional and systems intelligence
  • An improved capacity to constructively manage conflict and hold team members accountable
  • Better team performance
  • Higher resilience and capacity to manage unexpected changes and stress

Coaching Works And Delivers a Strong Return on Investment

86% of companies who calculated an ROI indicated their company recouped their investment, with almost 30% saying they saw an ROI of 10 to 49 times their investment. In addition to a strong ROI, companies:


Reported increased self-confidence.


Reported improved work performance and communication.


Reported quality improvements.


Reported greater retention of executives who received coaching.


Senior executives reported faster transitions into new role.

Sources: DDI 2021, International Coaches Federation 2009, and Manchester Review 2001

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Bob Behr, Former Chief Executive Officer
and Chris Groom, Chief Executive Officer, Florida’s Natural Growers

“Emily has served as a key trusted advisor since 2016 providing valuable insights and counsel as we have stewarded our leadership succession plan and prepared our emerging leaders to successfully adapt to a larger span of influence, deliver innovative solutions, and ensure FNG’s long-term growth and sustainable profitability.”

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