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Executive Coaching  For Businesses & Organizations

One of the top three concerns of businesses today is filling their leadership gaps which is why more than 85 percent of major companies make coaching a core part of their executive and professional development programs

Executive coaching is a co-active process through which a coach both supports as well as challenges a leader to accelerate their professional development, cultivate emotional intelligence, unlock their full potential and enhance performance.

Through one-on-one confidential coaching sessions and insightful assessments, executive coaching provides leaders with a clear understanding of the behaviors that lead to high-performance and uncover the internal perceptions and beliefs that are limiting potential and derailing the teams they lead.

For executives in new or expanded leadership roles, coaching helps individuals make successful and rapid transitions into new or expanded leadership roles.

An effective executive coach provides an atmosphere where leaders can express fears, concerns and dreams, make important decisions more quickly, reduce costly delays, and provide better quality direction with less risk.

Emily Rogers | Executive Coaching

er-leaf“Coaching really is about supporting people in growing and developing and evolving and changing and emerging consistently into their best self – which isn’t a destination but is an ongoing process.”

~ Karen Kimsey-House, Co-founder and CEO of the Coaches Training Institute


Key outcomes of Emily’s executive coaching program include:

  • A keen understanding of strengths to leverage and challenges to mitigate
  • Reduced blind spots that have the potential to derail progress
  • Greater emotional and systems intelligence
  • Improved ability to clearly communicate vision, roles and expectations
  • An improved capacity to constructively manage conflict and hold team members accountable
  • More efficient and effective decision-making
  • Higher resilience and capacity to manage unexpected changes and stress
  • Improved individual and team performance

The competitive advantage for organizations wanting to succeed is to cultivate leaders that create environments where individuals are thriving, inspire teams to work collectively toward a shared vision and goals, and achieve results that matter most.

Companies that have used professional coaching for business reasons have seen a median return on their investment of 7 times their initial investment and report better teamwork, better communication, improved performance and enhanced leadership.

Emily’s executive coaching program takes place over a 6-12 month period and includes a combination of one-on-one coaching, assessments, actionable learning and meeting facilitation.

er-leaf“Emily’s ability to lovingly hold up the mirror and give her clients the opportunity to play their bigger game, while giving them the tools & support they need in order to deal with their obstacles head-on is truly a gift.”

The exercises and conversations Emily facilitated during our team retreat re-invigorated everyone with a renewed sense energy and collaborative spirit. Our team walked away with a lot of new tools and fresh perspectives to build on our strengths and work on being more productive together. The safe, trusting environment that Emily created lead to important conversations about how our team members can best support each other and develop systems that create a more sustainable organization. Our motto from the day, “in it to win it”, lives on our office project board.

~ Chrissanne Long, Founder Lakeland Business Leaders & CEO, Maximize Digital Media

This very informative video produced by the International Coach Federation and MMP, Inc. highlights why someone may want to engage a coach, what can be expected during the coaching process, and the benefits of working with a professionally trained coach. The 13-minute segment for Corporate Review aired on Fox Business and Bloomberg TV.

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